• Better softness and comfort in gloves
  • Without white spots in finishing gloves, low residue and clean off easily
  • Lower cost and operate easily


Calcium carbonate is always used as a release agent during the coagulation process, but it is comment to have precipitation in the coagulant tank due to the proportion of calcium carbonate more than water. Also calcium carbonate can’t be absorbed during the glove making process, so it will remain on finishing gloves and hand moldings after stripping. The residual white spots on gloves must be stirred for a long time to drop off, however it will cause environmental pollution simultaneously. On the other hand, the residue blocks pores of hand mold if excessive, this may cause the surface of gloves to have uneven surface and contain pinholes.

With above disadvantages using calcium carbonate, some makers replace calcium carbonate with calcium stearate so without white spots on gloves and less sticky, generally lightly powdered gloves are produced this way. But the price is higher with calcium stearate increasing the direct cost, also more residue remains on the surface of the hand mold. Due to the excessive residue accumulating quickly on the surface of the hand mold, it causes defective gloves thus must always be clean.

Avoiding above disadvantages, HAND BEST EQUIPMENT CO., LTD developed a new version coagulant release agent, it solves white spot residue, hand mold polluted and cleaning difficulty, thus it is easier to clean off and causes less residue.