• High combination with latex, high adhesion not dropping, and good anti-blocking
  • High stability, not causing deterioration and operate easily
  • More smooth, soft, comfort, wear on easily and without causing allergies
  • Lower dosage and cost, operate easily
  • It has to go with 2 kinds of PU coating agents


Chlorination is generally used for powder-free and the smooth surface of gloves to wear on easily, including chlorination on the production line recently. However the hyper-toxic chlorine is high dangerous and needs to be controlled, so it must be done by professional personnel for using and operating safely. Due to risks and problems with chlorination, some countries are starting to prohibit this process, it will stop producing chlorinated gloves in the future.

Thinking of chlorine residue on gloves with the chlorination process, HAND BEST EQUIPMENT CO., LTD developed water PU coating. It replaces the complicated chlorination process with the dipping coating on the production line, so it decreases surface treatment cost a lot and avoids touching harmful gases by operators