Hand Best Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1988, specializing in the manufacture and sales of latex gloves production lines. We have a rich experience of learning and collaboration with various partners over 30 years, from the world top gloves factory to non- experiences buyer.

Reducing pollution, energy saving and carbon reduction have been the main issues faced with the glove industry for a long time. Hand Best team has accumulated many years experiences, creates the new production management idea and efficient energy usage, to achieve the lowest energy consuming and less pollution requirements. These are our most valuable results shared with the glove manufactures.

To achieve high stable operating in production line, we adopt the modular design equipment so it raises the output ratio. Moreover, our completely technique transfer makes the production high stability, easy to maintain and repair, it also causes early put into production due to easier assembling and has the advantage of accelerating capital recovery. Now our services expand including production technique, chemical agents, procedure improvement, low energy consuming, customized line, and so on, it matches the original line output frame and makes more perfect system. Hand Best Equipment will keep offering the advanced and best quality equipments, permanent after-sales service suit to the industry.