Product Name :Positive Gear
Model No:C-S09
Specification :M1-M5 12-60T
Purpose :washing of mould, beading; driving unit accessories
Feature :material MC.PP...etc
Product Name :Gas Burner and Ignitor
Model No:C-S07
Specification :02# 1602# 2402#
Purpose :drying oven, vulcanizing room heating
Feature :suitable for NG, LPG
Product Name :Chain - RF-05085, P=85 or P=100
Model No:C-R01
Specification :RF-05085, P=85 or P=100
Purpose :main chain for gloves machine
Feature :11kg/m, breaking force 8,000kg, SS41 carburized
Product Name :Pneumatic Ball Valve
Model No:C-S01
Specification :1/2"~2" thread, SUS304#
Purpose :latex tank Liquid level control
Feature :pressure 5kg/, with solenoid valve
Product Name :Wet powder Mixing Tank
Model No:SP-126
Specification :760x750H
Purpose :pre-mixing wet powder
Feature :attached 2 pcs 304# water pump
Product Name :Ring blowers
Model No:C-S14
Specification :1/2-10HP
Purpose :for gloves QC
Feature :pressure 2kg/cm2
Product Name :Infinitely Variable Speed Motor
Model No:C-S13
Specification :1/2-15HP
Purpose :beading, latex circulation, adjustable speed
Feature :extra speed reducer
Product Name :Inverter
Model No:C-S12
Specification :1/2~250HP
Purpose :AC motor speed change
Feature :voltage 220V 380V 415V 440V
Product Name :Worm Wheel Speed Reducer
Model No:C-S11
Specification :60#-250#
Purpose :main driving unit, deceleration driving
Feature :speed ratio 1/10-1/3600
Product Name :Torque Limiter
Model No:C-S10
Specification :TL-700 TL-500
Purpose :main driving unit, overload protection
Feature :using with pulley and chain wheel
Product Name :Chain Wheel
Model No:C-S08
Specification :RS. RF6-60T
Purpose :conveyer, chain wheel, driving wheel, idle wheel
Feature :material SS41 carburize or S45C or SUS304#
Product Name :Thermomter
Model No:C-S05
Specification :room temperature -199, room temperature -399
Purpose : temperature control of each oven, water tank & latex tank
Feature :tandard or PTI
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