Product Name :Pneumatic Ball Valve
Model No:C-S01
Specification :1/2"~2" thread, SUS304#
Purpose :latex tank Liquid level control
Feature :pressure 5kg/, with solenoid valve
Product Name :Solenoid Valve
Model No:C-S02
Specification :1/4"~2 1/2" thread, mainbody: copper or stainless steel 304#
Purpose :gas, water control, high pressure air control
Feature :gas. water 0-4kg/ high pressure air 1-8 kg/
Product Name :Ball Valve
Model No:C-S03
Specification :1/2"~4" thread or flange
Purpose :gas. water. latex. PVC liquid control
Feature :mainbody: copper or SUS304#, pressure under 10 kg/
Product Name :Thermal Oil Control Valve
Model No:C-S04
Specification :1/2"~4" pressure under 5 kg/
Purpose :Thermal oil temperature control
Feature :heat resistant 350ºC, pneumatic with Solenoid valve