Latex Dipping Tank
Hand Best Equipment has many year experiences to develop different types of latex dipping tank, for matching various categories of latex products.
Glove Trial Oven
It has high accuracy for getting dry parameter during glove processing, this is a absolutely necessary trial equipment for glove manufacture.
Leakage Tester by Water Level
The new type leaking tester is by water level, due to without solenoid valves, it can avoid the not objective testing results or misjudging the yie...
Beading Machine for Ellipsoid Shape Hand Mould
Hand Best develops the new type beading machine for ellipsoid shape hand moulds; it can do the beading and make the beading solid.
Stainless Steel Angle Gear
It is designed for “brush driving in the former cleaning zone” on the latex glove production line, reliable under a humid environment.
Coagulant Tank without bubbles
The coagulant tank without shaft seals, it can delete the bubble problem completely
Glove Sample Machine
Organize and design the sample machine according to the customer's requirement and condition