Product Name :Drying Tumbler
Specification :80 lb~200 lb
Purpose :The second drying after stripping
Description :Energy with gas or steam available
Code :SP-135
Product Name :Gas Reinforced Vaporizer
Specification :50~200kg/hr
Purpose :Vaporizing LPG gas
Description :Electrothermal, pressure 10kg/cm2
Code :SP-148
Product Name :Boiler
Specification :1 ~5 ton 500000kcal/hr~2500000kcal/hr
Purpose :Providing for heating and drying
Description :By steam or thermal oil, working with soft water equipment
Code :SP-146
Product Name :Gas Storage Tank
Specification :1,000~9,000kg
Purpose :Storing LPG
Description :Pressure 10kg/ cm2 , material with SS41
Code :SP-147
Product Name :Leakage Tester
Specification :L4,000 x H2,100 x D800mm
Purpose :Surgical, examination gloves pin holes testing
Description :2,400 pcs/8hr, material with SUS304#, and P.V.C
Code :SP-149
Product Name :Blower
Specification :2#~6# wind volume is 200~500 m³/minute
Purpose :Drying oven, circulation, conveying gloves, exiting exhaust gas
Description :Material with SS41, SUS304, P.V.C
Code :SP-150
Product Name :Automatic Lubricating Mechanism
Specification :6 spot type viscosity under 60#
Purpose :Main chain lubricating
Description :Fixed time and quantity of lubricating
Code :SP-151
Product Name :Chemical dipping machine
Specification :L6,000 x W2,000 x H2,000mm, 24pcs/time
Purpose :Washing hand mould 2,000pcs/8 hr
Description :Separate into 8 tank P.V.C, conveyer SUS304#
Code :SP-152
Product Name :Heat Exchanger
Specification :Heat spreading tube 1/2“, 3/4" ,1"
Purpose :steam, thermal oil heat spreading
Description :Pressure 10 kg/cm2 , can be designated specifications
Code :SP-153
Product Name :Main Driving Unit
Specification :5~25HP
Purpose :Main chain driving
Description :Including variable speed and torque limiter
Code :SP-154