Product Name :Tensile Strength Testing Machine
Specification :0~25kg, pulling type
Purpose :Glove tensile strength testing
Description :By manual and electrical
Code :SP-139
Product Name :Dumbbell Cutting Machine
Specification :3mm, 5mm
Purpose :Cutting small piece for tensile testing
Description :Manual, with dumbbell cutter and board
Code :SP-140
Product Name :Aging Oven Tester
Specification :300x300x350mm
Purpose :Sample making, aging test
Description :Inner room temperature~200℃ with SUS304# material
Code :SP-141
Product Name :Electronic Scale
Specification :0~600g, (0.1~0.001g precision)
Purpose :Measure chemical quantities and glove weight
Description :Electronic type, mechanical type
Code :SP-142
Product Name :Viscometer
Specification :Over 300~5,000mPa·s
Purpose :Viscosity test for latex , P.V.C ,and nitrile liquid
Description :Manual, fixed type (made in Japan)
Code :SP-143
Product Name :PH meter
Specification :International standard
Purpose :Acid and alkali test for chemical compounds, latex liquid
Description : Manual and fixed type
Code :SP-144