Product Name :Latex Household Gloves


  • With high adhesion in latex gloves
  • It is a flocking addition agent of latex, not adhesive agent. It makes latex not coagulate in a short time, and accelerate coagulation after flocking
  • Easily to control humidity after dipping and make the best flocking effect
  • Operate easily and low cost


Flocking household gloves is suitable and preferred in temperate and frigid zones, the addition agent is a key point during flocking process. Our product is a flocking addition agent for latex and used to continuous dipping production, it has the same effect on half-automation and batch production. With spraying or electrostatic flocking, it has best performances on adhesion, distribution, softness, stability and adequate to different weather conditions.

With our product, the best characteristic is easily to control fluidity and humidity after dipping flocking agent, it is the key point to flock evenly and wear on comfortably and adequate to latex gloves and having best flocking effect.