Product Name :All Categories of Latex and Nitrile Gloves


  • High combination, good adhesion, and good anti-blocking
  • High stability, not causing deterioration easily
  • More smooth, wears on easily and doesn’t stick to skin
  • Lower dosage and cost, operate easily


Silicone oil or PU dilution with water are generally added to use as a post treatment surface agent of non-chlorinated powder-free gloves, so the surface with silicone oil or PU coating is smooth and not sticky. However silicone oil causes glossy oil surfaces on the gloves after drying, this can easily cause it to stick to the skin while wearing and feel uncomfortable, further having silicone oil exudation after a period of time and difficult to use. Otherwise PU coating doesn’t make glossy oil surfaces but makes it rougher than silicone oil treatment.

The product is different from a general silicone oil surface treatment agent. The silicone paste is similar to silicone oil, it is smooth and wears easily after drying, but without glossy oil surface. The best characteristic of silicone paste is that it doesn’t cause silicone oil exudation on gloves after storing for a period of time