Coagulant Tank without bubbles

Coagulant tank is the key point during latex and Nitrile glove production, and the circulation system is the most important key. So far in the market, the current system is easy to cause bubbles, make pinholes and other problems, this is the most serious obstacle for glove yield rate.

Hand Best Equipment develops the coagulant tank without shaft seals, it can delete the bubble problem completely, and has the function adjustable flow to match production line, it is suitable for producing powder and powder free gloves.

1. circulation motor:3HP
2. flow:400liter/minute(Maximum)
3. material:stainless steel 304#
4. circulation pipe:2 1/2 inch
5. tank length:under 9M
6. heating jacket:60mm
7. insulation layer : 30mm

It can add the pneumatic type of automatic level control system, with precision±2mm