Glove Trial Oven 

The trial oven is designed for dry process of making glove samples, aging test, or other dry requirement. During the dry process, the angle of hand former is horizontal and with rotating function, and it can be adjusted according to customer requirement, as temperature, circulation air volume, and the rotating speed of hand formers.

It has high accuracy for getting dry parameter during glove processing, this is a absolutely necessary trial equipment for glove manufacture.

1.  Mode:G.S.-200
2.  Available glove samples:examination, surgical, industrial, and household gloves.
3.  Appearance size:L:1277mm W:697mm H:1288mm
4.  Net inner size:L:850mm W:336mm H:447mm
5.  Temperature range:under 200°C
6.  Electricity consumption:12KW Max
7.  Hand former length:under 550mm
8.  Finishing glove length:under 500mm
9.  Rotation function of hand former:10-75 RPM
10. Heating method:hot air circulation, temperature and air volume can be adjusted
11. Temperature display:(1) Air temperature in oven (2) hand former temperature
12. HP:(1) circulation blower motor 1 / 4HP in oven (2) hand former rotating motor 1 / 8HP
13. Other mode selection:G.S.-300 (temperature achieve to 300°C)