Leakage Tester by Water Level 

The efficient method of pin holes test for any kind of gloves is leaking examination, it has become the required testing method by Public Health Bureaus in most countries, and also set the sampling inspection ration.

Nowadays the general water supply of leaking tester on market is with solenoid valve controlling, however, solenoid valves could cause not able to run normally due to water pressure and water quality change, so it leads not objective testing results or misjudging the yield rate.

Hand Best develops the new type leaking tester, the water supply is by water level, which can avoid the above problems completely without solenoid valve.

1.  Model:ST25
2.  Dimension:3900L x 750D x 2200H
3.  Testing capacity:25pcs/time
4.  Filter material:stainless steel net
5.  Machine Weight :About 800kgs
6.  Power Consumption:under 1KW/hr
7.  Water tank capacity:150 liter
8.  Feed water pump:400W
9.  Dispenser:1050±50°C
10. Time of leaking(pin holes) test:150 seconds

1.  Supply water by water level, no problems of breakdown and replace for solenoid valves.
2.  Water injection volume evenly and can be finished injection to each glove at the same time.
3.  Material is stainless steel, clean appearance and without contaminating gloves.
4.  Accurate measure and does not influence testing objectivity due to water amount deviation.
5.  Water-proof flashlights and correct installation position, it is convenient to distinguish glove quality.