Latex Dipping Tank

The latex dipping tank is an important key during making gloves or other latex products. Since various categories of products use different concentration or content of latex, the latex tank design has many types.

Hand Best Equipment has many year experiences to develop different types of latex dipping tank, for matching various categories of latex products.

a. Standard type Available to examination and surgical glove production lines.
b. Strong circulation type Available to household and industrial glove production lines, using in high concentration latex.
c. Customized type Available to different concentration or content, and with deposition prevention function.

1.  Stable level With special cooling jacket design, it won’t make level to cause high or low variation due to cooling water input, so it can make sure the gloves with consistent length; it doesn’t affect beading big or small, existing or not.
2.  The circulation speed can be adjusted according to the production requirement.
3.  It has filter net to install based on the production requirement, for filtering agglomeration or dried latex, and it needs to clear regularly.
4.  The circulation impeller has special surface treatment, so it is not easy to stick latex, and it can continue a long term of good circulation.
5.  It can match our level controller, using ultrasonic or photoelectric switch to coordinate pneumatic valve, for controlling level under 2mm
6.  The length design is from 4-15mm according to the real requirement.