Beading Machine for Ellipsoid Shape Hand Mould


For some certain household or industrial glove moulds, their arm parts are ellipsoid shapes, and the ordinary beading machine cannot do the beading process due to ellipsoid shape.

Hand Best develops the new type beading machine for ellipsoid shape hand moulds; it is not only can do the beading but also can make the beading solid.

1.  The weight of beading roller is light so it does not press for the hand moulds.
2.  Driving by the alone motor so even during the production the hand mould can be changed.
3.  The beading machine is suitable for different type and dimension of hand mould to do the beading process at the  same time.
4.  The selected material for the beading machine, it is can stand wear-and-tear, also not contaminated gloves.
5.  The beading machine can be adjusted for any length of gloves to do the beading work.
6.  You can adjust rotating speed of beading machine to match hand moulds for making the beading more perfect.